Thursday, June 2, 2016

End of the Year Ideas

  • Improvisation: 1. Rhythm Instruments, play along to a favorite piece of music. 

2. Perform an ordinary task to an instrumental piece of music or a pop song (example making a hoagie) 

  • 1 to 2 minute Aerobics or Dance Routine 
  • Radio Station have students present a broadcast including music, weather, traffic, news, games
  • Name That Tune in _____ seconds
  • Finish the Song Lyric
  • Musical Talent Day: perform on instruments, sing, dance, gymnastics, tae-kwan-do or a body percussion routine to music, Lip sync 

(Talent day-invite the principal, secretary, maintenance man, supervisor, parent, a grandparent, or another teacher to perform something for the class when they are free. I had 4th grade teacher who played the TUBA! The kids love it! I also had a maintenance man who played an elf! What terrific motivators.) 

Create Team Roles: performer, MC, stage hand to help set up props if needed, operate music, scorekeeper, timekeeper

Review concert classroom performance etiquette:
The performer/s is/are introduced to the audience including what talent/s they're about to see
Audience applauds
Audience practices active listening skills during performances-no distractions
Audience applauds at the end of the performance
Performer bows to make knowledge audience

Consider taking still pictures or videos of the performances
Photos of the performers can be displayed throughout the school to reinforce positive self esteem and team spirit.

Remind students, if a mistake happens during their performance, don't worry,  just to keep going. Mistakes are a natural part of learning.

Group work: (for Aerobic/Dance/Radio Station in class working time)
Remind students to: listen to each other, stay on task, be open minded, everyone contributes a move or idea to the routine, everyone is responsible for the group's success.

When I choose a song for the group, I play the song section two times. I tell them to write down any moves that come to them as they listen. Then they split off into their small groups. I give them 10 minutes to discuss and organize. After 10 minutes, I announce I am going to play the section again and to practice what they have so far. Discuss and practice without the music-10 minutes later I play the music again-and repeat the process for the remainder of the period.

If the students are choosing their music, make sure it is appropriate for the classroom.

You can choose the groups or let the students do it. You know which classes can handle choosing their own teammates.

While they are either discussing or practicing moves, I visually and actively monitor each group, making sure they are staying on task and working together as a group. I make sure I encourage and praise the group effort.

 Assign one member from each group to write down the names of their group members and the name of their group for you. You will be the group name for the MC and the members' names if you're going to give individual grades.

If you have a favorite End of the Year Activity, please feel free to share it in the comment section :)

Here are some FUN GAMES for the End of the Year

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