Meet the sister & I

My sister and I are collaborating on this blog.

Teaching is our passion. I tease my sister, Mary and call her the "Resource Queen". She is not your stick by the textbook kind of gal. She makes Bach pieces on the piano sound like Mozart and sometimes Rhythm and Bluezy  depending on her mood. We love to tweak resources...even our own after all is said and done. After all, our subjects are about creativity. We love when out students give us ideas and inspire us, our lessons and we tell them about it. Making the kids feel good about themselves, having fun and being as creative as possible is what it is all about!

We created a store on Teachers Pay Teachers to share some of our resources with you.
Check it out when you have time.
here's the link: Clancy's Classroom

A Little more about us:

Over the years we have taught Levels: Pre-K - 12, Higher Ed, Administration and Mentoring Classes

Subject Areas Include: Art, Dance, Drama, Religion and Music

Experience:Art, Dance / Movement, Drama, Music, Religion, Counseling, Administration, Standards and Curriculum Writing, Over 30 years each and still going strong :) Founding Director of the National Pastoral Musicians in the Diocese of Trenton. Composer of Sacred and Secular Music. Music/Art/Dance/Religion Teacher and Student Teacher mentor. Choreographer. Musical Theater Director. Director of Music and Liturgy. Curriculum Consultant for Harcourt. Music Curriculum Writer. Music Arranger. Pastoral Associate for Catechism to name a few.

Honors/Awards:Who's Who Worldwide for Administration, Education and Leadership. Who's Who Women in America for Administration, Education and Leadership. Choral Director's of America. Who's Who for Executives and Businesses
Own Education History:BFA, M Ed.

Teaching by example. Learning is FUN! Creativity:)

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