Thursday, May 12, 2016

Helpful Websites

Use technology to:

Enhance your lessons
Great to leave for a Substitute Teacher

Here are some websites I have found helpful:
  1. Kahoot! is a Free Game based classroom response system. Build fun quizzes. Use any device to participate.
  2. Quizlet A Free resource to study anything.
  3. Interactive Sites for Education A K-5 online, interactive, educational game website lists: 
Subcategories under Music: A) Composing Music B) Music Fun C) Visual Instruments

Build a Music Resource and Teacher Tools Website List

Some of you maybe thinking "UGH!" another LIST!!!! I call it my "Go To On The Fly Lessons".
I have a couple lessons of every Music Element for every grade. 

Sometimes my schedule gets a wrench thrown in it at a moments notice. Administrators LOVE when you are flexible and do not bat an eye at a change and still provide an educational lesson. Maybe not the one that you initially planned, but life is messy and the best, learn to go with the flow. So your plan/s get pushed off for a week. No big deal. Just notate in your plan book the schedule change, the time and who informed you of the change. 

Not all of my "On The Fly Lessons" are website based. These lessons contain little or no prep. Just grab this and that and off I go. They are basically review lessons or singing lessons. Start small and in time you will build up your repertoire. (kind of like building up your retirement egg)

♫ "Surfer Girl" was the 2nd of 15 Top 10 Singles for The Beach Boys in 1963. Brian Wilson (age 19 at the time) came up with the Melody while driving to a Hot Dog Stand.

♫ Prince's "Purple Rain" soundtrack ran 24 weeks at the top of the U.S. Album Chart in 1984

♫ Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) born in 1943, is the oldest son of a Teacher :) Mick studied finance and accounting before becoming a Rock Legend.

♫ Paul McCartney (The Beatles) purposely used short words in the Lyrics of "Yellow Submarine" because he wanted the kids to easily sing along :) 

Summer Break is Coming!!!

Be a Tutor!

Many parents do not want their children to get "summer brain". is one site parents are using to find the best tutors.

Be an Online Test Scorer!

Check out companies like: 

This a Great "On The Fly" Lesson Resource!

for all you do
Don't forget to take time for yourself Every Day!

♫Donna Marie & Mary♫

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