Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3 Tips for the First Year Teacher (no. 1) plus Irish Video's for St. Patrick's Day

Tip 1: You Tube

Problem: A FREE Video resource to supplement your lessons which some school districts block. While other districts have slow broadband or suffer from lost connections. 
Some videos come with advertisements (not all age appropriate).

Solution: A FREE Web Video Converter
These Free Web tools allow you to convert a You Tube video to a Video File.
Now you can watch videos anytime without worry of Network Issues or Advertisements.
Search for "free online video converter". There are several.

How to: 
  1. Open up website
  2. Paste in the URL of the You Tube Video
  3. Choose your File Type (I use MP4)
  4. Convert
Video will download to your DOWNLOAD Folder.

If you created a separate Video File/Folder, you can move your videos from your Download Folder to one of these.

♫Some converters require you to download and install software to run their converter♫

Tip 2: Equipment

Problem: It's NOT working!


  1. Make sure it IS working BEFORE the first class.
  2. Know what to do to fix it AND
  3. Have a BACK-UP PLAN!
Tip 3: Activities

Issue: The Activity is marked for K-2.

Solution: Try the Activities yourself to find out just how difficult / easy the Activities would be for your students and assign which Grade Level/s accordingly.

♫If it is too easy for Grade 2 you may want to use it sometime for a sight reading assessment or a quick review♫


"The Unicorn" The Irish Rovers

Irish Dancing

Tap vs Irish Dance

"Lord of the Dance" Michael Flatley (My Favorite!)

"Lord of the Dance" Happy Feet 2

for all you do
Don't forget to take time for yourself Every Day!

♫Donna Marie & Mary♫

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