Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Olympic Inspirational Music plus a Game Challenge

From the 1981 Movie "Chariots of Fire"
story based on runners from the 1924 Olympics, Eric Liddell & Harold Abrahams
"Chariots of Fire" composed by, Vangelis

From the 1988 Seoul Olympics
"One Moment In Time" composed by, John Bettis & Albert Hammond
performed by, Whitney Houston (one of her Best Loved Songs)
Top Spot on the Music Charts in the UK, US & Germany

From the 1988 Seoul Olympics
"Koreana" ("Hand In Hand") sung in Korean & English
Sold over 13 million copies

From the movie "Cool Runnings"
Story based on the 1988 Winter Olympic Bobsled Team from Jamacia
"I Can See Clearly Now" performed by, Jimmy Cliff

From the 2004 movie "Miracle"
based on the 1980 United States Olympic Men's Hockey Team
"Dream On" performed by, Aerosmith

After viewing a video/s, discuss how the Power of Music evokes emotions by
using Dynamics, Tempo and Tone Colors in multiple ways.

Viewing Options:
1. Show video or a clip of a video without sound. Ask your students to describe the emotion/s.
2. Show the video now with the sound. Ask your students to describe the emotion/s.
3. Ask your students if they think the music enhanced the emotion for the audience to experience what was being portrayed on screen or there was no difference.
4. If they answered yes, the music enhanced, ask them to explain using musical terms the musical effects that helped the emotions along for the audience to experience. Be as specific as possible.

Under A Minute: RHYTHM Bounce

24 Solo Plastic Cups
Draw on outside of cups: 
8 Cups with Quarter Notes
8 Cups with Double Eighth Notes
8 Cups with Quarter Rests
Teacher Created 1 measure Rhythm Patterns, Groups of 2, 3 or 4 Beats
2 Tables
Ping Pong Balls

* Place all the Rhythm Cups on 1 table ( I call this the Rhythm Cup Holding Table)
* Divide class into 2 or 3 teams
* 2 students per team compete at same time
* Teacher places his/her chosen Rhythm Pattern in a place for the entire class to see
* When time starts, Student 1 goes to the Rhythm Cup holding table, grabs the Rhythm cups that are  in the teachers Rhythm Pattern.
* Student 1 then takes these cups to the playing table and sets up the Rhythm Cups to match the teacher chosen pattern in the same order, then stands behind the playing table.
* Student 2, standing about 3 feet from the table, bounces the ping pong balls, one at a time, off the table or off the floor, into each cup, in Rhythmic order. If the ball bounces out of order or knocks a cup over Student 1 resets the cup.
* The first team to complete the ball bounce in order before 59 seconds is up, wins the points.

* 2 measure patterns (double the number of cups)
* Add Half Notes, Dotted Half Notes, Whole Notes, Half Rests, Whole Rests
* School wide competition: When you divide classes, assign each team a color, (use school colors or your country's colors) example: Red, White, Blue... each color represented in each class. After all the classes have played, tally up and announce the winner!

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ACTIVELY ENGAGE your students in Reading, Performing, Listening, Creating and Writing with this collection of RHYTHM FUN!

Your students will not only ENJOY performing each included rhythm pattern along with its own Contemporary Accompaniment Track, they will enjoy CREATING their OWN patterns and arrangements to each accompaniment track.

Collection Includes:
♫ 5 Simple, 2 measure Rhythm Patterns in 4/4, using Quarter Notes, Quarter Rests, Double Eighth Notes and 1 piece uses Triplet Notes in Traditional AND Stick Notation.

♫ 5 Original Accompaniment Songs (MP3 format) 

♫ 4 DIFFERENT Versions of each song:
♪ Original Tempo Accompaniment Track Only
♪ Original Tempo Accompaniment Track recorded with the Included Rhythm Pattern performed on a Woodblock
♪ Slower Tempo Accompaniment Track
♪ Slower Tempo Accompaniment Track recorded with the Included Rhythm Pattern performed on a Woodblock

♫ Styles: Country Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Blues, Hawaiian and Balled

♫ Tempos: 85 / 100 / 103 / 120 / 122 / 132

♫ Lesson Tips Page

This Contemporary Accompaniment Rhythm Fun Collection makes a terrific Motivator for General Music Classes, Classroom Teachers who teach Music, Music Studios, Camps, Home Schoolers and Substitute Teachers.

This LONG LASTING VALUE, Multi-use Collection will become one of your GO TO Motivational Resources!

for all you do
Don't forget to take time for yourself Every Day!

♫Donna Marie & Mary♫

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