Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Cup of Coffee / Tea with... everything bagel with cream cheese, and depending on my mood; listening to music through my earphones (closing off the outside world), playing a video game or the piano.

Nurture Yourself

Nurture Your Students

You will receive so much love from your students

They will lift you up

They will inspire you and encourage you

You will love them in return

Everyday is a gift

Each child is a gift

You are a gift

Life is busy. We need to make a conscious effort to take care of our own

During the school day, sometimes I would play the piano in between my classes. My students knew if I was still playing the piano when they arrived, they would enter the room quietly and wait until I was finished.

Sometimes I would play one of my favorite songs through my room sound system while sitting at my desk focusing on my water fountain or making circles in my sand dish to help relieve tension, relax or refocus by giving my brain a quick break.

Sometimes you just need a little brain break in between classes yourself.

Modeling this helps your students see, understand and use the power of music to recharge, relax and refocus.


Tai Chi uses slow, rhythmic, meditative movements to enhance relaxation, inner calm and peace.

I have taught my students as young as Kindergarten to use music and Tai Chi as a meditative tool. 

I had a Kindergarten class who was so unfocused and so undisciplined that I gave this a try and it took! Their classroom teacher asked for a copy of the music I used so she could play it in her room. What happened was when the kids heard the music, their minds and bodies automatically relaxed and refocused on their task at hand without doing the movements!

I used music by David Lanz, Cristofori's Dream (Album)

I taught the following 3 movements to them: Around the Platter, Bass Drum and Carry the Ball Around the Platter.

The key is to adjust the speed of the movements to the natural "feeling" of the music you choose. I find the slow, meditative sounds the best.

In the following instructional videos, the moves are done at a faster speed for instructional purposes only.

Rocking Motion

Around the Platter

Bass Drum

Carry The Ball Around The Platter

Some Exercises for you

8 Minute

4 Minute

Extra Tai Chi Movements
Click on the link below

for all you do and remember to take time for yourself!

Donna Marie & Mary

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