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LISTENING - Chapter 1

The skill of LISTENING is ESSENTIAL in EVERY Subject.


Listening to music is the one musical activity EVERYONE can participate in.
The art of listening is cultivated and enriched by building a vocabulary. Developing and practicing Active Listening Drills everyday is an important building block to increase the knowledge and skill of the Art of Listening.

Every voice has an unique tone quality / TONE COLOR  by which it can be identified whether it is heard alone or in combination within a group. 

QUESTION: How would you describe the CHARACTERISTICS of your voice?

Possible ANSWERS: Soft / Bright / Raspy / Deep / Dramatic /  Vibrant / Light / Twangy / Thin / Rich / Nasal / Heavy


  1. Seat a student, with his/her back to the group.
  2. This student is called The LISTENER.
  3. Have the Listener close their eyes.
  4. Instruct the group that when you POINT to a single student or TAP them on the shoulder, they are to speak the "given word" out loud.
  5. Give the group a word to speak.
  6. Once the LISTENER can not see you, POINT to or TAP a student on the shoulder from the group to speak the "given word" out loud.
  7. The task of the LISTENER is to identify whose voice they heard.


  • Have 2 students speak the "given word" at the SAME time
  • Have 3 students speak the "given word" at the SAME time
  • Tell the LISTENER the names of 3 students but only 2 of them will speak the "given word". The task of the LISTENER is to identify the student who DID NOT speak out of the group of 3 students.
  • Chose 2 students to speak. 1 student speaks the "given word" while the other speaks a DIFFERENT word at the SAME time. The DIFFERENT word is UNKNOWN to the LISTENER. The task of the LISTENER is to identify the DIFFERENT WORD


Female / Women
Male / Men


SOPRANO: Female Voice. High Pitch Range
MEZZO SOPRANO: Female Voice, Medium Pitch Range
ALTO: Female Voice, Low Pitch Range

TENOR: Male Voice, High Pitch Range
BARITONE: Male Voice, Medium Pitch Range
BASS: Male Voice, Low Pitch Range


  1. VOCAL SOLO: when one sings alone
  2. VOCAL ENSEMBLE: a group of singers
  3. CHOIR: a group of church singers
  4. MEN'S CHORUS: a group of men's voices
  5. WOMEN'S CHORUS: a group of women's voices
  6. MIXED CHORUS: a combination of both men and women voices
  7. A CAPELLA: when a person sings without an accompaniment (instruments)
  8. DUET: 2 people singing
  9. TRIO: 3 people singing
  10. QUARTET: 4 people singing
  11. QUINTET: 5 people singing

A CAPELLA and MIXED CHORUS - "One Voice" by, Barry Manilow

SOLO & DUET - "Scales and Arpeggios" by, Disney's The Aristocats

 CHILDREN'S CHOIR - "We Are The World" 

MEN'S CHOIR - "You Raise Me Up" by, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

WOMEN'S CHORUS - "Hava Nageela" by, JMU Women's Chorus

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  1. On the board, write the pronoun or list of pronouns you want your students to count throughout the song.
  2. Have your students use TALLY MARKS to keep track.
  3. As your students listen, have them write a Tally Mark EVERY TIME they hear the pronoun or pronouns you are having them track.
  4. Play the song only ONCE!

"I'll Be There" - by, The Jackson 5

"YOU" is heard 17 times
"I" is heard 8 times
"WE" is heard 1 time
"ME" is heard 3 times
"HE" is heard 2 times
"MY" is heard 7 times

TOTAL of all 6 Pronouns is 38

"Thank God I'm A Country Boy" - by, John Denver

"ME" is heard 17 times
"I" is heard 26 times
"I'M" is heard 11 times
"MY" is heard 8 times
"HE" is heard 2 times

TOTAL of all 5 Pronouns is 64

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  1. These are great ideas for the music classroom or any teacher wanting to teach a lesson on listening. Neat ideas! Thank you for taking the time to link up this post with my Teaching Tuesday link up party. I'm going to schedule it out on Pinterest!
    ~Heather aka HoJo~

    1. Thank You Heather!
      The Pronoun Listening came from a request from a Classroom Teacher looking to put a twist on Pronouns. They like to keep me creative ;)
      We are always honored by your comments!
      Have a Great Day!